About Me

About Me

Angela Lavelle Longo

A Beauty Breakdown founder Angela Longo has catapulted into the entertainment industry as being the go-to girl for creative ideas and her craft, by increasingly larger companies at a startling rate. Projects include hair stylist for the Prive’ Runway team for New York Fashion Week, Head Wardrobe for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront and HMU department head for two feature films coming soon 2015/2016.

Having over a decade of experience in film, fashion, and special effects she has been able to successfully project the desired result that’s requested from her clients. Angela’s experience ranges from being the leading lady, to putting it all together; she is no stranger to the demands of multiple positions. Her resume boasts a regular gig on Mad Men as well as hair and makeup with clients such as Tecate, Nivea, and Michaels Kors. She is willing to advance her knowledge and skill through accepting prestigious apprenticeships to further her expertise in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Specializing as a creative director she is constantly bringing beautiful things to life through her blog by sharing her passion which also includes cooking, nature and health. This ever-evolving site provides new content with artistic photoshoots and videos where viewers can enjoy all the beautiful things in life.

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