Makeover Monday

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Makeover Monday

Kitchen Tile Makeover

I decided after painting the cabinets white that it was time to figure out what the cheapest and most creative way was to get rid of these ancient grapes. But what will last on tile?! The only thing I could think of was spray paint. Ugh…. It wasn’t easy I’ll tell ya that… but it turned out amazing! Just really be sure to get the line good with tape and really press down at the edges leaving no possibility for paint to bleed through.


  • Plastic, lots of plastic.
  • Spray Paint
  • Paint Tape

Kitchen Before














Makeover Monday

5 Boho Dapper Looks for Summer Nights

Last fall I was department head of hair and makeup for a feature film, Toby Goes To Camp. It’s about a white bangle tiger that goes to a performing arts camp in the summer. Cute right? For the film I created 5 boho dapper looks that could easily be worn out at night in the city! Which look would you like to see turned into a tutorial DIY video? Comment below and I will make a video for you!

Like the hair pieces? I made them! DIY coming soon!

Makeover Monday

Ballet Bun

Slicked back buns have two extremes: they are both elegant and exotic. Whether you plan on keeping them simple and traditional for ballet or adding a twist for more fun, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle for any occasion. I know I intend to wear them a lot this summer! I had a lot of fun styling this bun, and don’t be alarmed if it looks too complicated! Check my Makeover Monday for a quick tutorial on how to easily recreate twisted buns! It is really just about being creative with your twists and pins!




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Makeover Monday

Pinch Back

Pinch back your bangs, cut your sweaters off and wear a dress! Spring is here! It is April 1st and I am so very happy and excited to begin sharing my style with the world.

Miranda’s hair has a vibrant cherry brown Paul Mitchell shade with subtle but piecey highlights running through. I topped her off with a glaze from PM Shines. Dark haired girls can get an early start to summer by lightening the hair up.

Do you like the way her hair is curled? Follow me later for a DIY video coming soon in May about how to make your curls last!