Wind Down Wednesday

Home Remedies to help rejuvenate, relax and motivate.

Wind Down Wednesday

3 Bath Sachet Recipes

Bath sachets are a delicate way of calming down mid week. Simply stuff dry herbs in a cheese cloth or nylon bag. You could also make a bath sachet like the DIY tea bag I posted yesterday (CLICK HERE). Send happy and positive energies while mixing your recipes. I like to think of my goals and things I want to improve in my like. Happy thoughts only!

20160604 Bath Satchets2


3 Parts Rosemary

2 Parts Lavender

1 Part Lemon grass

1 Part Sage


3 Parts Carnation

3 Parts Lavender

2 Parts Rosemary


3 Parts Catnip

1 Part Lavender

1 Part Peppermint

Wind Down Wednesday

Herbal Tea Steam

Ladies and gents lets get our tea on! And not just any tea but were going to do a Herbal Tea Steam. Any time that I have a dry nose, sore throat or am feeling just plain icky I love to steam out. 🙂 Here is what you will need a towel, mug, tea spoon, hot water, Mint/Peppermint tea, honey, lemon and if you are feeling really terrible add a shot of whiskey.

Heat the water but do not boil it. Add a tea spoon of honey and a good squeeze of lemon. Seep the tea in the water for no more than 5 minutes. While your tea is seeping throw the towel over your head and the glass of tea and begin to practice the Equal Breathing exercise from last week. You should begin to feel immediate relief. Once your mug has run out of steam add the shot of Whiskey and drink.