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Soak Up Saturday

Before and After: Painting Your Cabinets White

It has been a wild past few weeks. As some may know, I have been in renovation mode with my house. First project for me was to work on the cabinets of my new home. I had a little more work cut out for me than I realized. Definitely some great features to the cabinets but also not so great.

Let’s start with not so great; They were super dirty with oil/grease that has been collecting since the 70’s. I kid you not, these cabinets needed to be replaced or in need of a serious makeover. They were gross! The shelves were layered with 3 different contact papers starting with flowers peeling away to brown checkered to the classic orange from ’67 (The year the house was built in.)




PHASE ONE: Cleaning. Sanding. Removing Doors and Drawers.

Do not think for one second this is an easy project. Its not something you can get done in one day. Make sure you have a handful of days to work on this depending on how many cabinets you have. Start by taking all the cabinet doors and drawers off. Use an electric sander to sand off the flat surfaces. I hand sanded any curves or areas that were difficult to reach with regular paper. This alone took me a week!

Make sure you sand with a pal!

PHASE TWO: Painting

Week 2 was all painting. I did about 3-4 coats with a paint brush and all by hand. In doing this, it created a nice even texture. I like the lines the brush created. The first coat you can use a roller just to give everything an even coat. It makes it easier when you go back with a second coat.






PHASE THREE: Hinges and Door Knobs


I ended up getting all new hinges which made a huge difference and makes the cabinets feel new. As for the knobs, I liked the unique detail and design so I decided to spray paint them. When I did I felt the true design of the knob wasn’t as clear. So instead, I went back to the store and got SOS pads which made all the difference. Make sure you use a polish or wax to keep from rusting.

PHASE FOUR: The Finish Product




It’s just so clean and fresh now! I can’t wait to repaint these walls, get the flooring done and some furniture in! What a bright and happy kitchen!

I did have a few issues with putting the cabinets back on so I will update you in a future post coming soon!