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Do It Tuesday

DIY Beach Anklets

It’s summer! Time to hit the beach! I decided I wanted to make some chunky anklets to wear when I go barefoot. These are super easy and fun to create.


  • Beads (enough to fit around one ankle)
  • Bead Stringing Wire (.30mm)
  • Toggle Clasps (the circle part only)
  • Crimp Beads
  • Tulle or sheer thick ribbon
  • Pliers


First, just simply string on the beads with the wire. Add the circle part of the toggle clasp on each end with a crimp bead. String through the ribbon. Slide your foot through and tie a bow in the back! Super cute and easy!

Photography: Anthony Bergeron

Director/Photography: Angela Lavelle

Fashion Friday

Natalie Beth

Natalie Beth’s earrings are made out of recycled glass. Each pair is made using gorgeous, vibrant colors that’ll make any outfit pop!

Kyanite is a powerful stone that is known for aligning all of the Chakras. Unlike other stones, Kyanite doesn’t absorb any negative energy, which means that it never needs to be cleansed. Instead, Kyanite rapidly transfers energy through vibrations. Kyanite is also useful for communication skills, as it can create pathways of energy that help send information telepathically. It also restores energy balance.

Blue apatite:Apatite is a stone known for helping those who wear it achieve their goals. It first clears away confusion, apathy or negativity. Then, it stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. It is a Stone of Manifestation.

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Makeover Monday

Ballet Bun

Slicked back buns have two extremes: they are both elegant and exotic. Whether you plan on keeping them simple and traditional for ballet or adding a twist for more fun, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle for any occasion. I know I intend to wear them a lot this summer! I had a lot of fun styling this bun, and don’t be alarmed if it looks too complicated! Check my Makeover Monday for a quick tutorial on how to easily recreate twisted buns! It is really just about being creative with your twists and pins!




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Soak Up Saturday

Soak It Up

This week was an eventful one! I am in a huge transition in my life, I am not sure about you but I feel most of us are. So many people are going through their daily dose of crazies. This weekend I am in Pittsburgh doing hair and makeup for Natalie Beth’s Wedding. I am so excited to share this day with her. For those of you who missed out this week or the last two weeks, make sure you take a moment and view her jewelry. Each piece is hand made by her and they all have something different and unique. Here’s to Natalie Beth starting her new adventure. Cheers! WITH LOVE, Angela.







20160604 Bath Satchets2





Fashion Friday

Natalie Beth

Natalie Beth’s jewelry is all hand made. Each piece of jewelry is made using healing stones purchased from Jeanne Russell at Angels Touch Reiki. Wear her jewelry in good health!

Green Calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability to those who wear it. The stone increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds, and it’s also an excellent stone to help with gardening! Since it is so good at increasing success, it is sometimes also called a Stone of Manifestation.

Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It is a great stone for being a business leader, as it helps strengthen leadership qualities and increases decisiveness. Aventurine also stabilizes the mind by promoting compassion, empathy, perseverance and well-being, while calming anger and irritation. Green Aventurine is also an eye-opening stone, as it increases perception and creativity.

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Fashion Friday

Natalie Beth

Natalie Beth’s jewelry is all hand made. Each piece of jewelry is made using healing stones purchased from Jeanne Russell at Angels Touch Reiki. Wear her jewelry in good health! 

Pink Tourmaline is a gorgeous stone that I  connects to the heart chakra and brings love, comfort, support, and joy to your life. Wearing a Pink Tourmaline stone can help you with emotional and mood related problems while relieving stress at the same time. Pink Tourmaline is also known to enhance creativity. Stay in touch with Dos day Tuesday to start crafting!

African Jade helps broaden the mind on goals and feeds passion for these goals. It also encourages seeing the beauty around you. It is a very calming and soothing stone.





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Do It Tuesday

Dream Catchers

Many Native American tribes believed in the spiritual use of dream catchers. As the center of the web caught bad dreams, in would glide positive dreams and thoughts in its place. With a rising sun, a beam of radiant sunlight would shine through the center of the catcher. The negativity that once filled the space would fall down through the feathers, dissolve and be gone! Thus leaving positivity and happiness for the day!

 You Will Need:

  • Rings of any size. Can be metal or wood. (I used wooden embroidery hoops for a few and it worked really well!)
  • Lace, Ribbons, Yarn, Rope- Anything to wrap, weave and dangle!
  • Beads, Shells, feathers, pearls, stones- Anything to decorate with!
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Needles (all sizes)

IMG_4778aStart by dabbing a little bit of hot glue on the ring to secure your yarn.
IMG_4782aWrap the yarn around the ring, bringing the bundle of yarn around and through the ring. Finish it off by gluing the end of the yarn to the ring.IMG_4789aBe creative! You can use yarn, thread, lace, ribbons, rope, or whatever other material you want! IMG_4797a


To make a dream catcher with a doily in the middle, string a large sized needle in and out of the doily, wrapping your thread around the ring. Tie a knot around the ring to keep the doily attached to the ring.


If you want to make a more traditional dream catcher, you can choose to weave the center instead of using a doily. To make a woven doily, start by wrapping your string around the ring, leaving gaps that are approximately 1-2 inches wide
IMG_4859aOnce you’ve finished wrapping the string, begin weaving your string through the loops you created. To make it easier to fit the yarn through, gently pull the string away from the ring and push the bundle of yarn through the open space. Start by holding the bundle on your side of the ring, then tuck it through to the opposite side so you can wrap it around the loop and bring it back to your side. Continue this process, pulling the string tighter to keep tension in the middle but keep it loose enough that you can still fit the yarn through the loops.
IMG_4883aKeep weaving until you get to the middle of the dreamcatcher. To finish, tie a double knot around one of the center loops, then put a drop of hot glue on top of the knot to make it stay. Another option for finishing your dreamcatcher is to weave a mini doily in the middle using the same process as the larger doily.
IMG_4890aTie ribbons, strings, lace, and yarn around the bottom of your ring and attach feathers, sea shells, beads, paper flowers, or whatever other materials you want. Feel free to attach as many ribbons as you want at the bottom, whether it’s 2 or 20. You really can’t go wrong with creating a dream catcher. They are all unique and different and beautiful no matter what you put on them!



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Fashion Friday

Natalie Beth

Natalie Beth is a local jewelry maker from Los Angeles who a few years ago, began hand-making her own jewelry to gift to her friends. Although she initially only made jewelry as a hobby, Natalie realized that if she opened an online store, it would allow more people to have access to her beautiful jewelry. The jewelry that Natalie sells is completely handmade, and each necklace contains a healing stone that Natalie handpicked from Angel’s Touch Reiki. Check out the video below to get a close up of what’s made for Spring & Summer. 


Director/Stylist: Angela Lavelle
Photography: Chase Boyajian
Camera: Brennan Felker
Model: Amanda Godepski​
Editing/Motion Graphics: Chase Boyajian
Assistant Editor: Cody Ward
HMU/Writing Assistant: Elisabeth Grossman